TRP - Trilobal Polyester - HLLYRA

TRP - Trilobal Polyester - HLLYRA

TRP - Trilobal Polyester - HLLYRA

TRP - Trilobal Polyester - HLLYRA

TRP - Trilobal Polyester - HLLYRA
TRP - Trilobal Polyester - HLLYRA
TRP - Trilobal Polyester - HLLYRA
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HLLYRA is a trilobal polyester thread for machine embroidering with superior lustre, durability and smooth operation at the highest speeds.

HLLYRA has superior lustre, durability and smooth operation at the highest speeds, which have made them a popular choice among embroidery customers seeking performance and durability.

HLLYRA embroidery thread allows you to create beautiful, attractive logos and decorative seams on clothing and accessories that are subject to wear and tear or frequent washing. It has excellent lustre and superior abrasion resistance for demanding end uses.


Features and Benefits

  • HLLYRA is produced using the most advanced technology to guarantee optimum performance
  • Excellent lustre and extensive range of colours and durability
  • Superior colour fastness and chemical resistance
  • Unique lubrication resulting in high productivity
  • Superior abrasion resistance for demanding end-uses
  • Engineered for sewing at the highest speeds
  • Certified to Öko-Tex Standard 100, class I, the most stringent class covering textile items for babies and toddlers
  • Meets HL restricted substance list
  • Suitable for vegan requirements

     Main Uses:

  • Caps
  • Excellent for Logo
  • Sport Wear
  • Work Wear
  • Quilting for Hand Bags
  • Home Textiles
  • Children Wear
  • Shoes
  • Jeans

HLAGON is a best-in-class staple spun polyester (SSP) thread with significantly higher sewing performance compared with regular SSP threads.

This reduces machine downtime and increases productivity giving you a consistent sewing performance. This makes HLAGON the thread of choice for sewers where cost matters.It is an exceptional thread of its type with dependable sewing performance where cost matters.

HLAGON meets the highest environmental and safety standards and is 100% polyester.

HLENIX is a lubricated polyester thread made from pre-stabilised high tenacity continuous filament polyester. Its higher breaking strength and optimum stretch characteristics produces attractive, fine seams on leather footwear and leather goods. HLENIX is an excellent sewing thread for all types of leather and has very good abrasion resistance.

HL PAVO is a bonded nylon thread made from pre-stabilised continuous filament nylon 6.6. It cuts cleanly at thread trimming with no ply separation and provides superior abrasion resistance in the sewn product. The high tenacity nylon allows for outstanding strength and durability. Its unique bond chemistry and proprietary coating technology produces a strong and supple thread with no ply untwisting, no flaking and no 'sewn in' colour change.


HLALPHA is an innovative performance stretch sewing thread for high extension, stretch seams.

HLALPHA is a great option for soft and secure stretch seams for performance sportswear and next-to-skin garments. Its controlled elongation minimises the risk of seam extension failure on stretch fabrics.

HLALPHA is available in an extensive range of colours and sizes for all stretch fabric types - whether that's sportswear.

HLUDO thread is a versatile quality polyester corespun sewing thread used by leading brands and manufacturers worldwide.

HLUDO can be used in many different applications and in a wide range of fabrics from delicate silks to robust denims and high tech performance materials; at all times ensuring excellent stitch formation and an attractive seam appearance.

Choosing to use HLUDO will not only enhance the appearance of sewn products but can greatly improve the productivity and performance of a sewing production line. Finished with a specially formulated lubricant it delivers excellent sewing performance at low tension under the most demanding of conditions.

HLEONO is a 100% Polyester continuous filament textured thread.

The textured filaments give the thread a soft feel and make it ideal for use in the loopers of overlocking, serging and cover seaming to provide softness and comfort, especially in “next-to-skin” seams.

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