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Hunglong Thread Joint Stock Company was established in October 2010 and specializes in producing sewing threads for garments, car covers, mattress covers, leather shoes, balo bags, hats, ...

With modern equipment, together with professional production management, skilled technical staffs, Hung Long company brings the products with high quality, quick delivery schedule, reasonable price to meet the different needs and needs of customers.

The strength to make the Hung Long brand difference is: Specialization in each department, high responsibility and technical supervision work seriously and carefully to create products to complete each. the smallest detail. In addition, the department regularly exchanges work, shares difficulties and innovations to build a dynamic, creative, more professional Hung Long.

With the motto "Cooperate for success" and "Continuous improvement", Hung Long has always made efforts in terms of manpower, material resources, building brand prestige and trust with customers. Products we provide.

The trust and support of customers during the past time is a great encouragement on the way of development of Hung Long. We promise to constantly improve, serve our customers best to always be worthy of this belief. "

Vision & Mission

Growing strong with the development of the country and the world

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Core values

Social & environmental responsibility

The Company is aware of the important role of community members and community culture, so the Company is at the forefront of efforts to support the community and contribute to a more humane society:
Always pay close attention and attention to working conditions, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment;
Concerned about the health and living conditions of staff;
Balance between work and life;
Active participation in community support and development.
The issues of the global environment and how to minimize negative impacts on the environment and climate change are also of prime concern and are reflected in practical actions:
Always use materials that are safe, environmentally friendly, do not affect human health;
Raw materials or products that can be re-used;
To use clean energy, low consumption, no waste discharged into the environment;
All employees are aware of building and preserving the environment and working clean

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